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The New Girl

A little bit about my old school, there were only about two-hundred fifty to three-hundred kids in the junior high and high school. The school was one floor that contained head start through twelveth grade in one building. There were eight hours a day, forty-five minute classes. School started at eight twenty and ended at three fifth teen. There are three surrounding towns that go to that school, Elizabethtown, Rosiclare, and Cave-in-Rock. One thing that I thought I liked about the school, that I now realize I don’t at all, would be that everyone knows everyone and is in everyone else’s business. Rumors fly like crazy in that school.

Now that I have gone to Hannibal High, I realize that my old school is just terrible. My hometown, Elizabethtown, consisted of about two-hundred and fifty people. Like I said about the school, everyone knows everyone and things get around fast in the town. I grew up in Elizabethtown and thought I would never move anywhere. Everyone I knew and grew up was there and I believed it would be devastating to move away from everyone. When it came down to it, it wasn’t that hard. Leaving my family was very hard, but eventually I got over it. I still call and talk to them, once in a while. I talk to my friends all the time, so that isn’t that hard.

I moved here because my mother and father were having problems. We, my mother, boyfriend, and I, originally moved to Peoria, Illinois. We had to drive six hours to get there. It was a very long, boring car ride. One of our cousins was helping us move. He was driving a jeep and had a trailer on the back of it, loaded with all of our stuff. The jeep he was driving kept breaking down. We had to stop several times for him to fix the vehicle. Once we arrived in town, we went straight to a storage unit to put the stuff we brought in it, and the owner of the storage place started screaming at us to leave.

We didn’t realize that they closed at a certain time. We left and went to my grandmother’s house. We stayed with my grandmother for about a week or two, that wasn’t working out so well. My mother decided that she wanted to go visit my brother and sister-in-law who lived here in Hannibal. The weekend we decided to visit was the weekend they got a bunch of snow. We got snowed in and couldn’t go home for a couple of days. While being snowed in, we started talking about our troubles finding jobs. My brother told my mother that he could get her a job at a nursing home very easily. My mom is a CNA (Certified Nurses Aid).

She applied for a job at Beth Haven nursing home. She received the job the next week. So, we started making plans to stay here. All of our stuff was still at my grandmother’s house in Peoria, so we had to go get all of it and then come back. My brother, Michael, and sister-in-law, Nicole, said we could stay with them until we found our own place, whenever that might be. We have been staying here with them and helping them out. We have been staying with them for about 4 weeks now. I like being here because it is close to everything and it is a new start for me. I have never been able to just drive a couple minutes to get to anything.

I would have to at least drive fifteen to twenty minutes to get to anything. To go to a Wal-mart, I would have to drive thirty minutes. I really, really dislike having to drive that far to get to anything. The closest gas station was fifteen minutes away, in the actual town of Elizabethtown, and they didn’t have much of anything. They had bad gas and everything was much more expensive then going somewhere else. The next town, Rosiclare, had a dollar general, a few restaurants, and a gas station. Rosiclare was the place to be. Anytime anyone wanted to do anything they went to Rosiclare.

I started school at the beginning of this semester and I like the school a lot. I haven’t made that many friends, but hopefully I will in time. Everyone is very nice. I like having the opportunity to do different stuff in this school. I never got the chance to experience new things and now I do. I have a pottery and photography class, which is something I would have never been able to experience at my old school. I like having a block schedule. It is something new to me, but definitely easy to get used to. I think, so far, I like the block schedule a lot more then I liked the eight hours a day.

It seemed like, with the eight hours a day, that the day was never going to end. With the block schedule it goes by faster, I think. A lot of my classes are so much easier than they were back home. I like this, because I was having problems in some of my classes. I had a lot on my plate for being a senior. I have three weighted classes, English, advanced math, and biology two. The first couple of weeks being up here, I started to feel home sick. I was missing my family and friends a lot. It seemed like nothing was going right. My boyfriend and I still hadn’t found jobs.

My mother and I started talking and she told me that she missed my dad. I told her that I missed him also. Talking about this for a few days, we had decided that we were going to go back home. I was happy, at first, but then I started school. After starting school, I had realized I liked it more than the one back home. I didn’t want to go back this soon. I wanted to experience the school and town a lot more than I had. After being up here for four weeks, I have basically fallen in love with the town. I was dead set on spending a lot more time here. My mother wasn’t so crazy about it from day one.

It is hard when you have lived somewhere for so long. My parents have been talking on the phone trying to work things out between them. They still love each other, but they both also know that a lot has to change. I thought that my parents would never separate and if they did it would be so, very hard. My mother and I made the decision that we had to get out. As soon as we got out of the county my mom started missing my dad. I miss my dad, but not as much as she does. They have been together for about twenty-one years. My dad is disabled and hasn’t been able to work since I was born.

That also makes it hard on us because we have to do everything. My mother has been talking to my dad and they both want her to come back so they can see each other. Talking on the phone isn’t doing much good. Seeing each other can prove that things are going to change. My mother told me that her old boss called and said that if she could get back to town in a week she could have her old job back. Since my mom wanted to go back anyway, this kind of seemed like a sign. She called my old boss and asked if she could barrow some money to get home on. He told her he would get it in the mail the next day.

My mom is excited to go back home, but I wasn’t. When I was told about the move, I started crying. I didn’t want to go back this soon. I wanted to experience more of the town and school. My mom had to go to work so I sat here and talked to Nicole about the situation. She had brought up the offer that if I didn’t want to go back right now I was welcome to stay here as long as I wanted. That made me very happy. I hadn’t mentioned anything about it to my mom yet, but I was thinking about it a lot. I didn’t know how to bring it up or if she would even give me the option to stay.

My mother and I have a very close relationship. When I eventually talked to her about it, it went very well. We both started to tear up, but it is expected when you are talking about leaving your best friend six hours away. My mother’s response to it was, if that is what you want to do that is fine, but I will miss the heck out of you. We talked to Michael about it and he said he didn’t have a problem with it as long as my dad didn’t care. We all got home that night, my mom called my dad and talked to him about it and he was okay with it. I was excited about it at this point.

We have started to get everything straightened out for when I stay and they leave. They are heading out on this Thursday. I will miss my mother like crazy. I don’t know, yet, how I am going to handle it. I might not be able to. Michael and Nicole are planning a vacation in February. I told my mother if I couldn’t handle it up here anymore or missed her too much I could always just come home when they come for vacation. I hope for this all to work out, for my parents. I would love for my parents to work everything out. if something happens and it doesn’t work out, they are both still my parents and i love them both the same.

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