The history of America


The history of America

The history of America did not end after the revolution but so many events followed and these events kept the history going to this day. This piece of writing will concentrate on what was happening in the south after the emancipation war. It will highlight the plight of the black in the southern states. Evils in the midst of Reconstruction. After the revolution and the banning of slavery, many of the southern states were in turmoil and there was growing tension between the freed slaves and the worried masters.

As tension grew with time segregation took a new turn as gangs were formed to kill and main the black population. This is the time when gangs like Ku Klux Klan were formed not for the good but to kill and scare the black people who were now free to go to school, open up shops and engage in any other business to sustain themselves. The black population or the freed slaves had started in embarking in the reconstruction of their lives after long suffering under slavery by developing their homes and counties after the war had ended.

Throughout this century (19th century) there was tension as witnessed in the southern states. There were lynchings in these southern parts of the United States because many white families were blaming the black freed slaves for their financial woes. But even some whites were lynched for the reason that they were against slavery and another claim was that they supported the black families to establish themselves after horrible experiences.

For instance in the span of 85 years that is 1882-1968 almost five thousand lynchings occurred in the United States where about 75% accounted for the black and many of them were in the southern parts. Wood (1993). After the civil war the black people were enjoying many rights like voting, getting formal employment and going to schools. Louisiana was the only first state in the south that tried integration whereby blacks and whites went to the same schools, it legalized interracial marriages, black senator were elected and all sectors had blacks working within.

This was the cause of hate for blacks not only in Louisiana but almost in all the southern states. Many states had even enacted black codes to limit the blacks, one such code was the tax that was imposed on freed slaves who pursued other careers apart from agriculture. Stampp (1990) writes that, “there were rife proslavery and antislavery forces in the south and they clashed frequently and fatally and during the presidential election of 1856 it turned ugly when southern states threatened secession if a candidate from the antislavery Republican Party won”. War to the west.

As the east coast of the United States continued to get populated, many immigrants decided to move westwards to the new territories. Unfortunately as people settled in these areas, the encountered fierce native Indian Americans who were defending their territories in which they had lived for hundreds of years. Many Indians were killed and other pushed further west by the government to open more land for settlement. “Out of war nations acquire additional territory if they are vicious and unfortunately the new land is exploited by a few” notes (Butler 2003).

However, after many native Indians had died, many more gave up the fight and they were settled in places like Oklahoma and branded civilized because they were not interested in war anymore. Towards the end of the 19th century when the American public was struggling with its internal problems, the First World War broke out. But the American government and her people were not interested in the war; they advocated peaceful means to solve any crisis.

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