Self-assessment and internal controls


Self-assessment and internal controls

Self-assessment and internal controls are very important in healthcare organizations in achieving its objectives. It determines its over-all strengths, weaknesses and development needs through its processes. The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations has mandated that hospitals have online mechanisms to monitor quality indicators, so as to reduce the difficulty and time involved in the process. They also required a move to computer systems that assess outcomes rather than processes.

Additionally, developing effective information system, which keep track of procedures, health care workers performance, provide different staffing, client diagnoses, accuracy of billing policy and make changes for more efficient and higher quality care. Self-assessment is a low cost method driving changes in individual behaviour as to increase compliance with standards, clarifies areas for improvement, gives participants ownership and can improve the communication between supervisors and subordinates Implementing, 2006, p. 15).

To be effective managers, health professionals need to be able to think critically, communicate well, manage resources effectively and efficiently, enhance employee performance, build and manage teams, manage conflict, manage time, and initiate and manage change. The effectiveness of making decisions of the members of the board will reveals excellent organizational performance. Managers perform roles and functions that vary with the level of management.

And this must be accomplished by healthcare organizations to redesign the services they administer and for the transformation of the organization’s key competencies and capacities. When an organization failed to perform self-assessment numerous problems will occur. The organization will absolutely face conflict towards the healthcare professionals, and needs of financial and physical resources. This may result to loss of revenue and negative outcomes and ability to establish trust from the clients.

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