Rome Art and Culture


Rome Art and Culture

It is in man’s decisions that history and events are made. They are catalyzed by an individual a collective effort to eradicate and change the status quo. Alongside with these decisions is the initial effort to create opportunities for developments to be realized and further move the people to a new direction. Alongside comes the creation of new traditions, models and practices that are distinct compared with their predecessors. In the end, although not all of these were successful in general, it helps us shape and have a clear picture of what is necessary in each ones life – survival and sustainability.

Equipped with this mindset, I come to you with my credentials as I apply for the Rome Art and Cultural program. Not only shall this be important in the attainment of my credentials as a professional but at the same time encourage the enlightenment and education that is distinct compared to the conventional books and lessons I may acquire in the classroom. I feel that with this exposure, I can have a firm grasp of what is essential in practice; the theoretical and actual concepts hand-in-hand.

Enrolled as a graduate student in photography, I need this program to help me furnish a good insight towards what Roman Art and Culture is. Moreover, this can help me cultivate my Master thesis as it focuses on the historical basis of the subject and at the same time showcase the photographers and artists that were vital in the development of such field. It is in these that my interest and professional career is supplemented and enhanced at a great level.

With the program in Rome, I have the opportunity to further study Italian and European photographers and their practices such as the Alinari brothers. This experience addresses this initiative and move to create greater opportunities for practice. Being a professional platinum printer myself, I seek to expand my horizons and medium of practice. In addition, the immersion in such topics can help me bridge ideas between American and English photography with its European and Italian counterparts.

These in turn can help me have a holistic understanding of what each specialty has to offer and apply it in my profession. At the same time, the acceptance in this program shall prove beneficial for the Art Department of my University. With the changing and continuously evolving disciplines surrounding this field, I feel that I can be another addition to competent individuals in the field. My contributions and study can harness and create educational opportunities for future students and at the same time serve as an avenue for future studies surrounding platinum photography and printing.

Lastly, I feel that the Roman and Art Culture Seminar can be an effective medium for me to transcend boundaries of culture and traditions by both Italian and American culture. By enhancing my knowledge and insight surrounding this subject, I can pave the way for increased awareness and appreciation of what one culture can do to the other. I believe that understanding these ideas can contribute to a better objective decision making processes in different realms such as public policy, history and our societal struggles.

In the end, with your acceptance and recommendation, this program shall not only cultivate my own personal interest but also be an advantage to the University. Equipped with the proper amount of skills and experienced topped with the right attitude, I feel that I can handle the challenges and hurdles of this course. Truly, this international program objective shall serve not only as an important linkage in bridging two unique and distinct cultures. At the same time, it will serve as a ground for a holistic understanding for aesthetics and other fields that are affected by it.

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