Religion and Diversity


Religion and Diversity

Christianity is different then all other religions, I believe it is because of all the diversity in that one religion. There are many different types and groups within that religion. The different groups have the same beliefs but with exceptions and variations and they still all fall under the same category of Christianity. For example there are protestants, Mormons, Jehovah’s witnesses, and Catholics, that follow the Christian religion. All of the different Christian religions believe in “God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit or the Holy trinity. ” That is the base of there religion and what they all have in common.

Buddhists for example do not believe in a god, Buddha was a real man that believed in the power of self enlightenment. Buddhist believe in finding inner peace and healing themselves, with in themselves. Buddhist did not believe that Buddha was a god, they simply follow after his beliefs in inner peace and love. Buddhists do not find value in materials things. There is also no praying or asking for help to Buddha, it is only silence and meditation. They clear there mind and find the answer with in there self. Christians pray and ask for forgiveness and help for loved ones.

Islamist believe in a god they call Allah, and a prophet called Muhammad. Islamist believe there god is a God of justice. They believe that they should be submissive to there god and prophet, they also believe Allah punishes the unrighteous. This religion is very different from the others in the way that they pray as well. People of then Islamic faith pray by kneeing and bowing to the east, this is vey different from the other religions. Christians have been persecuted and discriminated against by other religions for hundreds and thousands of years and are still under attack today.

In parts of Africa and the Middle east they are experiencing religious cleansing, the Christians are not widely excepted in those parts of the world and are under attack. Christians have contributed a lot to our American culture , we celebrate Christmas in America because of the Christian faith. It is there belief that Jesus was born on the 25th of December and on that day we should celebrate his birth. It is customary to give gifts and spend time with family. Christians are not only responsible for some of the holidays we celebrate but the way we live our lives.

I am not Christian, and I do not share there beliefs but some of the ten commandments really make sense to me and I believe that the majority of people in America believe that “thou shall not kill, steal, or commit adultery”, can be agreed upon as morally correct and something we should live by. Studying Christianity has not helped me understand there religion in a way that I could identify with it, but I do understand what the concept of Christianity is. I understand that they believe in a God that has never been human, but is a spirit.

I understand that praying to God is something that Christians believe in to save there souls, and help them find there way in life. I have chosen to study and write about African Americans, I am of European and Mexican descent and do not have a complete understanding of the African American culture. I do understand that there are differences between Caucasians, African Americans, Hispanics, and Asian cultures in the United States. We as Americans love being American, but we never forget our ancestry and were we came from.

There are also differences in the languages of the different cultures. Before African Americans were brought to America against there own free will, they spoke there native language of the part of Africa they came from. Caucasians for the mostly are in America on there own free will and many of them already spoke and or understood the English language. Africans were treated badly and made to be slaves upon there arrival to the untied states. I believe that this fact is something that deeply hurts African Americans to think about still to this day.

There ancestry differs from Europeans because Europeans did not have to fight for there freedom in America and were not discriminated against in the same way through history and still to this day. A war was fought for the freedom of African American slaves, Europeans had to work hard and fight in other ways for there freedoms. Most Europeans came to the united states to flee religious persecution. Asians were brought to America as slaves and travelled to America on there own free will. The first African slaves arrived in 1619.

Africans since that time have been discriminated against by all groups of people,. Discrimination against Blacks has been a problem all through out history. I believe that all races have been put down and discriminated against in one way or another, but not on the same level as African Americans. Africans had to fight to learn, vote, end segregation and get the freedoms that other groups did not ever have to fight for. There are many ways African Americans have contributed to American culture, it was an African American man named George Washington Carver that invented peanut butter.

We would be lost as Americans with out peanut butter! The entertainment and sports industry are made up of many African Americans. Oprah Whinfrey first debuted in 1986 and TV has never been the same, Oprah left big shoes to fill after leaving her talk show in 2010. The show was so successful it aired on television for 25 years, in that 25 years she made an impact on Americans and the way we live. These are only a few examples of the great many African Americans that made a huge impact on our American life and culture.

I have learned some important things about the history of African Americans that I did not know before and I feel that I do have a better understanding of the history of the race. They have been through a lot of unfair persecutions, I am thankful that times are changing and we are learning to be civil and live more rationally with other races then we have done in the past. In conclusion both Christians and African Americans have been discriminated against all through history. It is due to misunderstandings and the unwillingness to understand each others culture and or way of life.

The only difference we have today between white and black is our physical appearance, and the amount of discrimination we endure. We all speak English, live in America and want freedom to live how we want to live. Christians are different because they believe there is only one god and that is all, that to me makes them closed minded and unwilling to entertain the idea of others religions. If we all had a more open mind and heart we would be able to have a mutual understanding for each other and come to the realization that we can all live in peace and mutual respect for one another.

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