My Guilty Pleasure


My Guilty Pleasure

I become so alive whenever my little ears catch a catchy beat to their liking. My feet start to mimic the beat, my shoulders start to do a happy dance that most outsiders looking in would think I am having a mini seizure. I close my eyes, slightly tilt my head back and just embrace the wave of music. I am in a blissful state of mind where I have not a care in the world. Then it hits me, my three brief minutes of ecstasy are over with so suddenly and back to reality I must go. If you are guessing music as my guilty pleasure you are absolutely right.

Whenever I want to escape the craziness of the world, music is where I turn to as my outlet of sanity. There are many genres of music that range from alternative rock to zydeco. The versatility music has been able to have over many years has been something that still amazes me. When we date history of music, we can go as far back as 500 b. c. ancient Greece. A group called the Pythagoras one day decided to experiment with some acoustics to see how math related to the tone from plucking the strings.

They were fascinated by what they heard and bought it to the church for everyone to hear. The Gregorian chant, which consisted of a very scared Latin text was sung by monks without instruments, was used to enhance there church services. Towards the end of the middle ages, music began to get so popular it started to move outside the churches. We go into the renaissance, baroque, classical, romantically, and twentieth century. These different eras of music have helped shape present music into what it is today.

In think I have been a music lover ever since I bee in my mother’s womb. I’d remember my grandmother and mother reflecting on hilarious stories of how when I was a toddler, everyone would gather around to see me fill with excitement and dance to the latest new edition record. I personally love up beat music that is going to get my day started in the morning. I cannot even begin to imagine to my day starting right without turning on some Whitney Houston dance with somebody or Frankie Beverly before I let go.

Although it seems not that I am older and I discovered what feelings are, choice in music can often reflect my selections. Music has gotten me threw a lot of tuff times in my life. A couple of years ago I was devastated to learn I suffered a misarranged. None of my friends could relate to me because they were all fairly young and never had children. They tried their best to comfort me and so did my boyfriend but it was the music of gospel I turned to. I was able to get lost in the lyrics and feel a sense of hope and closeness to God.

My mind could finally be put at ease with the assuring sounds of Yolanda Adams playing in my headphones while I sit at work and count down the hours until my shift was over. When I listened to gospel music, I felt at ease, I was not carrying around a nagging, painful burden of a loss that I would never get back in my life. I was able threw gospel music to renew my faith with God and accept that sometimes things happen that we don’t have control over and not our fault, but we must except it and be thankful for our blessings we do have and continue with our lives.

The memories I have growing up with my spunky grandmother driving down what seemed to be an endless dirt road on a hot summer afternoon listening to the mellow sounds of Sam Cook were the days I will never forget. I feel as though I was born with music inside of me. Like somehow it is a part of me, like I need it to survive like one of bodily organs. Sometimes I catch myself drifting off and pondering exactly how boring life would be if music never exist. Just when those awful thoughts start to creep into my thoughts, I quickly rush to my I pod and blast the first song in rotation. Then at last, all is right with the world.

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