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  • Education

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Rewrite My Essay

Writing from scratch is not the only task that makes students seek help online. Rewriting or paraphrasing is another skill that college professors sometimes want to develop in their students and that you as a student may not really want to develop for some reason.

So, we can suppose you were asked to rewrite someone else’s work. Or you could have been assigned the same topic you have previously written on. You may think, “Hey, I’ve written about the same things before, why strain that hard again? I just need someone to rewrite my essay, and that’s enough.” Okay, that’s pretty simple. Here’s what you should do:

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If you don’t have a quality original essay or are not sure if that piece of writing is of high quality, you should point this out for us – do you want our writers to simply rewrite the given piece, or do you want them to rewrite and improve it?

Once you make up your mind on how you see this to be done, you may give us other details concerning your essay. Do we need to stick to the same length? Do we need to follow the current structure?
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